Comickaze Clairemont
5517 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste A, 92117  – (858) 278-0371
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Email: comickazesales@gmail.com

Our store hours have changed due to the quarantine. We are no longer able to accommodate walk-in shopping. See Below for details. 
Store Hours: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 12pm to 5pm

Hey everyone! We are still open. In light of the ‘stay at home’ order, here’s what we are doing.

We will be closed to the public from 3/20 through 4/12. When we get closer to the end date we will reevaluate the situation and post an update to our plan.

However, we have options for you to get products in your pulls/subs, new releases or anything else we have in stock.

Starting this Wednesday, we can offer you (Wed-Sat during the specified times):

Curbside pickup from 12-5pm:
Tell us what you want (via phone or email), pay for them using credit card, let us know when you’ll be by, and call us when you arrive from inside your car, and we’ll bring them out to you and leave them by your car for you to pick up.

Porch delivery (Wed/Thu) from 2-4pm for a flat $5 fee:
This is restricted to within 20 miles radius of the store, and at our discretion.
Tell us what you want (via phone or email), pay for them using credit card, and we will drop it off on your porch/drop off area between 2-4pm.
There will be a $5 fee for this service regardless of the total sale. Deliveries will be made to homes only, and we will limit contact while delivering the products. As proof of delivery, we’ll take a photo of the package on your porch/drop off area.

USPS priority mail, flat $10 fee:
We are perfectly happy mailing your items to you as well! The only option for this is priority mail, to avoid standing in line at the post office. Packages will be shipped as quickly as we can get them out the door, the next day at the latest.

How do we charge your credit card:
We will invoice you via Square using your email address, or by phone manually.

As this situation has affected all of us, if you have subscriptions with us, and would like to make changes or cut back, or won’t be able to pick up all your books, don’t hesitate let us know. We’ll work with you in this time of uncertainty.

Also, if you’d like to pay for your books, and have us hold onto to them for future pickup, we can do that as well. Any little bit will help Comickaze weather this unfortunate situation.

As always, we will do our best to provide for our geek family during this time. Please be patient with us during this surreal moment.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can email us at comickazesales@gmail.com or call us during our new store hours.