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by Actus
Top Shelf Productions is proud to present the 2001 release from the dynamic and extremely talented Israeli team, Actus (formerly known as Actus Tragicus), five outstanding cartoonists – Rutu Modan, Yirmi Pinkus, Mira Friedmann, Batia Kolton, & Itzik Rennert – who pool their talents annually to produce something simply amazing. This year, it is The Actus Box, a deluxe boxed set featuring five 32-page, full-color, perfect bound graphic novellas. Included in the set are: The Panty Killer by Rutu Modan (a murder mystery set in Tel Aviv); We Are Seven by Batia Kolton (A unique visual interpretation of an Irish folk song); Crumpet Ladies by Yirmi Pinkus (An amateur dog thief and a flatulent midget are just a couple of the characters in this story about an old woman as an existential state); Royal Sable by Mira Friedman (A Jewish furrier from Prague and his sister escape to Tehran during WWII); and Pretenders by Itzik Rennert (A bitter taxi driver meets a high-tech career woman and his life is transformed far beyond his wildest dreams). Don’t miss this excellent boxed set from the premier Israeli comics team! Includes perfect bound volume measures 5½” x 8¼”.

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