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(W) Brett Lewis (A) Michael Avon Oeming (CA) Various

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(W) Brett Lewis, R.A. Jones (A) Mike Oeming (I) Jason Baumgartner
(Cover) Mike Oeming
In stores the week of May 22nd.
The Concept: After saving a Tibetan village from Nazi scientists, the Bulletproof Monk disappeared into legend, leaving behind a story that has been passed down for generations and a hope for his return. Kar, a young man now living in the U.S., searches for his peoples’ hero while he evades secret agents and tries to find acceptance and love in a local gang.
Filmmaker John Woo provides the introduction to this collected edition of The Bulletproof Monk mini-series. The three-part story chronicles a young man’s search for a Tibetan legend. Who is the Bulletproof Monk, why are the Chinese afraid of him and where is he now? Features a new cover by Mike Oeming. FC, 80pp, Trade Paperback

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