H.G. Wells War of the Worlds HC


(W) Ian Edginton, H. G. Wells (A) D. Israeli

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From the pen of legendary science fiction author and futurist, H. G. Wells …

Dark Horse Comics is proud to present Ian Edginton and D’Israeli’s adaptation of the most famous science fiction novel of all time-The War of the Worlds!

In the closing years of the nineteenth century, the genteel tranquility of Victorian England is shattered by the arrival of an invasion force from the red planet-Mars! Methodical and merciless, the Martians are intent on nothing less than the conquest and subjugation of the human race.

Told from the point of view of an ordinary man caught up in the carnage and chaos, we witness firsthand how the then-greatest empire in the world is brought to its knees by the Martians’ cool alien intellect and the implacable heat ray!

This 72-page graphic novel has been adapted and abridged from the original novel by writer Ian Edginton and artist D’Israeli-the creative team behind Scarlet Traces, the critically acclaimed sequel to Wells’ novel and the eagerly anticipated series Scarlet Traces: The Great Game.

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