Mighty Samson Archives HC 02


(W) Otto Binder (A) Jack Sparling, Frank Thorne (CA) Mo Gollub

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With fantastic beasts, savage survivors of a nuclear war, and imaginative artwork by Frank Thorne and Jack Sparling, Mighty Samson Archives volume 2 hits the ground running with nonstop post-apocalyptic adventure and sci-fi fun. Created by prolific writer Otto Binder and artistic titan Frank Thorne, the Mighty Samson’s comic-book career lasted for only thirty-two issues, but Dark Horse is bringing the exploits of this daring, one-eyed adventurer to modern audiences in a series of elegant hardcovers! Born into a peaceful yet primitive tribe of N’Yark, in a radioactive future America, Samson learns that he’s just as strong and resilient as some of the most vicious, mutated creatures that threaten his tribe. A mutant himself, Samson still vows to protect his defenseless human kin from the dangers around them-and his motto becomes, “To protect the weak from the powerful, the good from the evil!”

o This volume reprints Mighty Samson (1960s comic-book series) issues #7-#14.

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